Head Lice RescueHead Lice Rescue is a full-service head lice treatment company located in Pinellas County, Florida that is dedicated to the detection and removal of head lice. In the comfortable atmosphere of your own home, our staff of highly trained professionals treat our clients on a one-on-one basis with natural and safe products. Head Lice Rescue guarantee to solve your head lice problems in less time and at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. Our Products are 100% natural and paraben free, safe for children and expecting mothers.
Schools & Camps
The best ways to keep schools from having an outbreak of head lice is education & prevention. Head Lice Rescue offers both. We offer Head Lice Removal to Schools, Camps and Daycares.
Head Lice Removal Service
Our personal services include a pair of gentle hands and a warm heart from one of our highly trained team members. Unlike other lice removal solutions, we come directly to your house and take care of you and your child in a way that will make all feel comfortable.
Head Lice Rescue FAQ
This page provides information about head lice, what they are, how children contract head lice, how long they live and other questions.Click here now for more information.